Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Paediatric occupational therapy helps children with different needs to develop various skills in order to perform activities and tasks in their everyday lives. The aim of occupational therapy is focused on helping children to be as independent as possible and transition these skills for later life stages.

Services We Offer

Sensory Integration

Helping to identify and treat children who experience processing problems with sensory stimuli including touch, sound, smell and taste. This is aimed towards supporting their engagement and participation in daily activities and future development.

Fine Motor Development

Work to develop muscles in the hand which are essential for performing everyday tasks including self-care and play activities. We also work on developing school based skills including scissor and pencil handling in order to improve their academic results.

Rhythmic Movement Training

A reflex based program where the use of developmental movements are designed to rebuild a child’s primitive reflexes. These reflexes build the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges experienced by some children.

Functional Cognitive Development

Assist in developing thinking and processing skills required to complete more complex tasks for adolescents as they transition into becoming young adults. These skills are essential for when someone becomes independent, including organising transport to work, household and financial management. 


This theory helps us understand and promote development for children who experience emotional, intellectual and mental challenges. DIR/Floortime also highlights certain milestones children should reach to promote positive development. 

Parent Education 

We value the need to educate parents, teachers and other people of interest about your child’s progress and interventions we complete. 

Social Development

Educating and completing strategies around social awareness and interactions which is essential for the development of children as they progress through life. Social development is also important to improve thinking, problem solving and responding in social settings. 


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