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Helping our clients to leap over their barriers in life and improve their skills for everyday tasks.

Our Story

Leap Ahead Occupational Therapy was established in 2021 with the passion to improve the lives of children in the community.

We had recognised the large waiting lists within the Western Sydney area, resulting in many children not being able to access Occupational Therapy services and address their goals.

Whilst we are a young business, our team is experienced and qualified in the field of Occupational Therapy, using evidence-based interventions with a patient and family centred approach.

Our name is a reflection of our goal for every client we have, and that is assist children to leap ahead of the barriers and difficulties they’re facing.

Our Mission

The mission of Leap Ahead Occupational Therapy is to improve our clients ability to complete everyday tasks whilst making activities as engaging as possible. We aim to make our sessions and interventions as engaging as possible, to increase the participation and results of our clients.

Core Values

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